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Who We Are

Trafo Power and Electricals Pvt Ltd has been working in the field of power and distribution since 1986. We have a strong presence in the power sector and have been in business with a host of countries and companies over the years. We believe that an organization can work only when it has members who work with sincere dedication, hardwork, perseverance, trust and a can do attitude and as a result create products that get the work done in the best possible way. Here at TRAFO POWER we aim to meet the needs of our clients in the most friendly and fastest way possible.

Everyday we constantly strive to use the best resources and raw materials so as to provide clients with products that are best in the market. We incorporate new age technology in all our products so as to give them a different edge against everything else found in the market. We constantly stay in touch with all our customers,clients and companies we do business with as the satisfaction of customers is our main goal. We welcome and encourage all kinds of feedback from them and work on improving ourselves constantly.

We focus on hard work and dedication which gives way to development and progress. We hope to do business with you and form a great working relationship. Please feel free to leave your feedback with us at any time.

Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS)

Trafo Power & Electricals Pvt. Ltd. has been granted certification by "Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)" under Licence no. CM/L- 9300032211 for distribution transformers up to 2500 KVA, 33 KV class. All the transformers shall be BIS marked conforming to IS 1180: Part 1: 2014

What we do

What We Do

We as a major manufacturer of power and distribution transformers we make our products in such a way that they keep up with the power requirement of today's time. We are a global company which uses the best of technology and materials for our products so as to give you the best experience while using them. We strive hard to achieve excellence through the variety of products and services we have to offer and aim to improve ourselves constantly so that you get the best products in the market.

It is very important that an organization work smoothly and in a systematic manner, therefore our workforce is one which focuses on completing work on time and with perfection guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

Services offered by the us include:

  • Repair & Refurbishment of transformers.
  • Transformer Oil Filtration onsite.
  • Site Testing of transformer.
  • Commissioning & Supervision onsite.
  • Onsite Repair Operations.
  • 24x7 - Customer Helpline

Our Products

  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformer
  • Package Substation
  • Special Purpose Transformer
  • Pressed Steel Radiators
  • Corrugated Tanks
Power Transformer

Power Transformers

Range Up to 5 MVA,33KV

Application: Generation Plants, Transmission Networks, Large & Mobile Substations.


  • Design & built as per customer specification.
  • Builtin wound core or stack core
  • Designed with helical ,disc type as per system requirement
  • Compact design, low noise,low losses & low operational cost.
  • High short circuit strength & impulse with stand capacity.
  • Short delivery time to meet project requirements

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Distribution Transformer

Range: 100KVA to 2000 KVA,Voltage class up to 11KV.

Application: Power Distribution System in rural & urban utilities,Medium & Large-scale Industries, Solar Energy Generating Systems, Oil Field, etc


  • Compact & low loss, hence economical with low operational cost
  • High short circuit & impulse withstand strength

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Package Substation

Range : 100 KVA to 5000 KVA with RMU, or HV breaker and LV distribution panel or standard feeder pillars.

Application: To receive and distribute power in systems located in populated areas , e.g. residential projects factories and high-rise buildings.


  • Inbuilt overload & earth protection ensures safety of equipment & persons
  • Customised substations with metal or GRP enclosures
  • Comply with protection criteria as per IEC 60529

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Special Purpose Transformer

Range: Dual Ratio Transformer, Furnace Transformer up to 5 MVA, Protection Based, Transformer for VSD and VFD application

Application: For all types of special Applications such as furnace supply, industrial drives etc. Variable speed drives etc. & use in power networks for system grounding etc.


  • Designed and built to precise client requirements.
  • Technical advice on equipment selection is offered before finalising the order.
  • Robust design suitable for use in all sort environments for example in steel mills, chemical industries, etc.

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Pressed Steel Radiators


  • 300 Wider
  • 520 Super

Application: Pressed Steel Radiators are both used in Power transformers and Distribution Transformers.


The new circular embossing introduced enables the transformer oil to be distributed across the radiator at any level which results in even heat dissipation over the total width of the element thus improving the heat dissipation and efficiency in comparison with the radiator types available in the market.

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Corrugated Tank 1
Corrugated Tank 2

Corrugated Tanks


  • We are manufacturing Corrugated Wall Panels from CRCA Steel Sheets in thickness ranging between 1.2 to 1.4 mm.
  • Corrugated Wall Panels are formed in length ranging from 500 to 1100 mm, with depth of 50 to 400 mm and pitch of 40 to 60mm.
  • The Corrugated Tanks are constructed using Mild Steel Sheets/Plates in thickness ranging between 3 mm to 10 mm.


  • Compact in size.
  • Saving in Steel/Reduction in weight of transformer tanks.
  • Saving in oil. Additional reduction in oil volume because of more stability in corrugation (no bulging of corrugation).
  • Saving Freight cost.
  • Improve heat dissipation.
  • Oil cleaning easier and less expensive.
  • Elegant appearance and Hermetically sealed construction.
  • Due to vertical oil channel greater stability is achieved in comparison with the old system. It means tanks can withstand a higher degree of pressure than before

Comparison :

  • Transformer Size :   630 KVA
  • Ambient Temperature :   45 deg C
  • Heat Dissipation :    4.89 kW
S.No. Description Radiator Tank Corrugated Tank Saving Per Tanks
1 Weight of empty Tank 461 Kg 269 Kg 192 Kg
2 Manufacturing Time 23 Hours 12 Hours 11 Hours
3 Size
(a) Length
(b) Width
(c) Height
Floor Area
1,535 mm
1,190 mm
1,265 mm
1.83 M2
1,410 mm
670 mm
1,210 mm
0.95 M2
0.89 M2
:-Saving Per Tanks :-
1 Steel Saving 192 Kg (30 Rs. Per Kg)* Rs. 5,760
2 Labour Saving (Potential)     11 Hours
3 Reduce of Floor Area     48%
4 Reduction of wieght     42%

* Tentetive Prices
Note : Above comparision is general and based upon our drawing & specification of 630KVA Transformer.

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Address :
C-20, Site ‘C’, U.P.S.I.D.C., Industrial Area, Sikandra,
Agra – 282 007 (U.P.) India

Mob. No. :+91 8171410055
Phone No, : +91-0562-2640388
Email : info@trafo.co.in, info@trafopower.com
Weblink : www.trafo.co.in