Single Phase Auxiliary Transformers

    Trafo Power has achieved another milestone by becoming an approved vendor for supply of Auxiliary Transformers to Indian Railways. Here we have set proved benchmarked by supplying to various reputed Clients.

    Auxiliary Transformer plays very important role in smooth running of trains as it provides electrical supply to colour light signals, cabins, cable huts, SPs, SSPs, level crossings , lighting purposes, heating the train wagons or for producing single-phase Auxiliary for the safety systems supply or the substation's own supply for Indian Railways.

    Range: Single Phase: 5KVA-100KVA

    Standard: RDSO Specification No. ETI/PSI/15(8/2003), ETI/PSI/15A (7/82)

    • Conductor: Copper or customer’s requirement.
    • Core: CRGO Conventional Type.
    • Color: As per customer’s requirement.