Special Purpose Transformers

    Trafo Power designs and manufactures as per client specifications We offer customized maintenance and service solutions for transformers Few types of special purpose transformers are listed below. Special Purpose Transformers (SPMs) are explained by its name itself, these are made for a specific purpose / application.

    • Dual Ratio Transformers
    • Auto Transformers
    • Pad Mount Transformer
    • LT – LT Transformers
    • Package Sub Station Transformer with RMU & LVDB
    We designs and manufactures custom designed special transformers for industrial and power applications. We offer customized maintenance and service solutions for transformers with state-of-the-art machinery & equipment and testing facilities.

    In Trafo each transformer is designed as a new product and customized to comply with specific customer requirements, from designing of core and coils to the tank and the supporting structures with proper cooling system and full protection.

    Transformer mechanical design is carried out using 3D software tools allowing dimensions optimization, mechanical stress evaluation and taking into account special external conditions (Seismic Zone, Low Noise Level). Each transformer is supplied with a set of basic documents describing its features and functionalities, such as fabrication drawings, HV/LV connection drawings, auxiliary circuit / schematic wiring diagrams, cooling system drawings, user's manual.